System Simulation and Consulting

Sterling Simulation provides a simple but flexible service with a lazer sharp focus on improving your business' operational performance.

We examine your specific situation to provide tailored efficiency improvements. Send us a message at for a preliminary consultation, where we can identify key areas that Sterling can help you capitalize on.

System Modeling

Using industry leading techniques and software, we produce a digital model of your system or process. After going through vigorous statistical verification, we can accurately reproduce your system's behavior in our model. This forms the basis for testing your system's performance under hypothetical conditions, or evaluating proposed changes, without affecting it in the real world.

Performance Testing

Using our statistically verified model, we can evaluate your system's ability to perform under stressful conditions such as demand spikes or supply constraints. This allows you to look for bottlenecks and failure points, without performing costly real-world failure and stress testing.

System Design

Try our new layouts, configurations, or processes by altering your digital model. By evaluating your new solutions on our digital models, you can rapidly prototype and remain agile, without making the huge time and resource investments to modify your existing process.

Consultation & Support

Many firms utilize their own modeling teams for internal projects. While this is often cost effective for larger companies, some projects require additional capacity or specilized expertise. Sterling Simulation can provide support or consulatative services to internal projects, allowing you to avoid the complications of rapid hiring or reallocation.

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We can evaluate your unique situation, and show you key areas where our services can help you extract maximum value from your operations.